Motorcycles. The noisy irrational things got under my skin a long time ago, about as long ago as when I first picked up a paint brush. Others have written better than I can about the experience – the sound, the speed, the elements barely kept at bay, the raw experience and joy. Suffice it to say that I am obsessed with them. As tool, as machine, as sculpture, as a reflection of experience. Motorcycles.

IMG_6958-LSo I’m painting them. It’s the natural fit, art and motorcycle, the thing everyone else expected and I didn’t. These first bikes are old bikes. Bikes with stories, with character and flaws. They carry a history and promise of their own.

For more about my painting in general, visit my other site ( where you can see lamb chops, landscapes, and most everything else.

Inspired by our daughter, Jane, and her difficult journey, a portion of all sales are going to Mended Little Hearts. The beginning of that story can be found here on my blog.

I hope you enjoy the paintings. They’ve been a revelation for me. Buy a print. Tell the world. This is just the beginning.