Blue Marseille!

The new painting is done!

Blue Marseille, 24″ x 36″, Oil on Canvas

Tap tap tap

The bikes are back. I’ve torn apart the parilla I’d thought nearly finished several times and started on a new piece. I don’t yet know much about the bike beyond it being, I believe, a late 50′s BSA B33. The story I heard is that a frenchman brought the british bike to America. It’s all rather complicated.

Untitled, 24″ x 36″, Oil on Canvas


I met this bike at the One Show, that phenomenal and crazy show here in Portland of all kinds of modified, loved, resurrected, or tweaked motorcycles. There I saw this quiet and earnest beauty, a mid-60′s 250cc Parilla modified for racing. Shortened Aermacchi tank, an old fairing from a racing Triumph of some flavor. And a long list of things that will never make it to canvas. Never heard of Parilla? You’re not alone. They have a tortured story you’d expect to read from the 20′s or 30′s, with years of fringe racing success only to succumb to the vagaries of business.

48″ x 24″, Oil on Canvas

Thank you to Joe Weir for access to the tidy little machine.

Finally? Finished?

How many months has it been? Trudy demanded a straight ahead approach, nothing fancy, where it was more about the bike not the paint. A few photos of her progress…

There’s something inviting about the loose paint, but it wasn’t enough.


With nearly everything but the tank painted away,  I was ready to try again




Making a mess




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