I’d found the old BSA at a shop and convinced the shop’s owner, who seemed a bit doubtful of my intents, to roll it outside for me to sketch and take some photos. He gave some vague story of the british bike and the french owner. Nico, the owner of the bike, recognized the machine in the painting at a recent motorcycle show and filled in the rest. He’d rebuilt the bike at Sud Sud in Marseille some time before bringing it the states. A standard B31 but fitted with lugs and stronger suspension for sidecar duty, the 1953 BB31 with its 348 cc engine might hope to produce a whopping 17 hp. Maybe the blue tank gives it a little more speed.

Blue Marseille, 24" x 36" Fine Art Print - $375.00 $300.00 

Blue Marseille, 18" x 27" Fine Art Print - $230.00 $190.00