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Blue Marseille

1953 BSA BB31

I’d found the old BSA at a shop and convinced the shop’s owner, who seemed a bit doubtful of my intents, to roll it outside for me to sketch and take some photos. He gave some vague story of the british bike and the french owner. Nico, the owner of the bike, recognized the machine in the painting at a recent motorcycle show and filled in the rest. He’d rebuilt the bike at Sud Sud in Marseille some time before bringing it the states. A standard B31 but fitted with lugs and stronger suspension for sidecar duty, the 1953 BB31 with its 348 cc engine might hope to produce a whopping 17 hp. Maybe the blue tank gives it a little more speed.

Blue Marseille, 24" x 36" Fine Art Print - $375.00 $300.00 

Blue Marseille, 18" x 27" Fine Art Print - $230.00 $190.00 


1970 Triumph TR6 custom desert sled

This is the bike that showed me what was possible. From the riveted fenders to period police speedometer, this old triumph is Eric’s expression. For more than 30 years, it’s evolved from a neglected wreck to a work of art. Trudy. How many different gas tanks have graced it’s old frame? Ask him what it is, a question most people can answer about their bike and he’ll pause before launching into a list of parts and disclaimers. And you’ll listen.

Trudy, 26" x 44" Fine Art Print - $485.00 $395.00 

Trudy, 20" x 32" Fine Art Print - $320.00 $275.00 

Punk’s Promise

1977 BMW R100s frankenbike

The first time Mike was given a razor, to clean up teenage scruff, he gave himself a mohawk. Perceptive, kind, contrarian, and always ready to fight for the underdog, he was a punk.

When he died, at the suggestion of friends, his old BMW, the bike that had, in his words, saved him from some demons was handed on to me. The main bearings were shot. Rings too. Maybe more. It’s not quite running and ready for the road but the promise is there.

Punk's Promise, 28" x 42" Fine Art Print - $475.00 $390.00 

Punk's Promise, 20" x 30" Fine Art Print - $300.00 $260.00 


1970 Triumph TR6 custom desert sled

Trudy deserved a second look.

Gold, 20" x 24" Fine Art Print - $225.00 $200.00 

Gold, 15" x 18" Fine Art Print - $150.00 $140.00 

A Little Dream

1965 Honda 150 Benly "Baby Dream"

Rescued 40 years ago by a father from a son who wanted to transform it into a hobbled dirt bike, it was never a loved machine. Ham fisted hand on the throttle would spin a tire in the high school parking lot , but it wasn’t what either wanted. It found its way into the shed where, out at the coast, it sat for decades.

A Little Dream, 30" x 30" Fine Art Print - $435.00 $350.00 

A Little Dream, 20" x 20" Fine Art Print - $200.00 $170.00 



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